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"(...) dog is a something more than our companion. He could become an important, sometimes essential, part of our life. He could be as necessary, as necessary is human's friendship. Even more, because his friendship is dependable and embarrasing disinterested."

Stanisław Głąbiński

In my house Golden Retrievers have special laws- they are a part of my family, companion of every day. We have a great relationship, every day is not an ordinary, habitual, but full of gladness and happiness. Even I'm in a bad mood, somethings wrong happened; they always help me to forgot about failures and their positive emotions emanate on all around.
Thanks for everything, my Friends!

Now in my kennel lives 3 Golden Retrievers- two girls and one boy.
I'm a cynological (FCI) assistant, I also work in Kennel Club in Poland.

Except my profession practice, I worked as a dogtherapic-volunteer in 2005/2006. I passed a special course approved by Ministry of National Education.

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